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E-transmission of election results: More reactions trail exclusion as Nigerians berate NASS



E-transmission of election results: More reactions trail exclusion as Nigerians berate NASS

The National Assembly has continued to receive backlash over its failure to include the electronic transmission of election results in the passed Electoral Amendment Act Bill.

COALCITY CONNECTrecalls that both the Senate and House of Representatives last week passed the Electoral Amendment Act, but expunged the electronic transmission of election results.

In his reaction, the Senator representing Plateau North, Istifanus Gyang, described the refusal by the All Progressives Congress Senators to admit
electronic transmission of election results in the Electoral Act Amendment Bill as scoring an own goal.

The lawmaker also said their action has put them on the wrong side of history, as they have denied the nation an opportunity to “sanitise and bestow credibility on the electoral process”.

Gyang however said, himself along with PDP Senators with the exception of only two, voted in favour of the above provision which clearly supports “electronic voting and electronic transfer of election results. Senators of the APC opposed and voted against the recommendation of the committee as contained in Sec 52(3) of the report”.

The lawmaker, who is the Deputy Chairman Senate Committee on Defence, further stated that, “The refusal of the APC Senators to pass the provision of Section 52(3) was an own goal which has put them on the wrong side of history and denied the country an opportunity to sanitize and bestow credibility on the electoral process”.


Also speaking, Comrade Japhet Philip La’abes, a civil society activist, said, “This decision will end in the annals of eternal infamy.”

He said, “It is quite shameful that legislators who should know better have chosen to circumvent the principles and letters of democracy of which they are major beneficiaries.

“This level of impunity, rascality and corruption by these doomsday lawmakers must be resisted headlong by the Nigerian people.

“How can lawmakers make laws that are inconsistent with the will of the people and the constitution they have sworn to protect?

“Nigerians must rise up to this challenge. If we want good governance, we must be seen to be active participants in the democratic process. Let’s say no to clueless and self centered leaders”, he admonished.

In his reaction, a civil society practitioner, Comrade Pwakim Jacob Choji, said, “It just shows the state of affairs in the country. It confirms our fears about the current occupants of the National Assembly.

“The names of those who voted against electronic transmission should be placed in the hall of shame so that generations unborn should know those who missed the opportunity to better the relevance of their opinions as enshrined in the election.

“Remember that, the electoral transmission would have just been one issue done to leave the next assembly with the burden of addressing other issues.

“However, even if they had approved the e-transmission, as far as the onus still remains on the president to assent to it, that bill wouldn’t have seen the light of day”, he maintained.

According to him,”We need to get to a level that joint resolutions of the two houses should be a law rather than to always run to the president whose singular power can veto the resolution of 469 elected representatives”.

Comrade Gad Peter, a civil society activist, while reacting to the action of the National Assembly, said, “Some members of the National Assembly cannot think for themselves, don’t consult those that send them there, and only follow the instructions of their party, which most often is anti people.

Peter said, “Their recent decision on Electronic Transmission of Result was a very poor decision and non progressive.

“INEC had said they have the capacity, ‘We have the capacity for electronic transmission of results, we have uploaded results from very remote areas, even from areas where you have to use human carriers to access’.

“Nigerians should demand for the transmission of the results”.

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Cholera outbreak in Cross River Community claims 51 lives



The death toll from the Cholera outbreak in Ekureku, Abi Local Government Area, Cross River State, has risen from 20 on Saturday to 51 on Monday.

Bernard Egbe, the clan head of the community, stated this when he received Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate Sandy Onor, who was in the community to sympathise with them.



The clan chief, who described the situation as unfortunate, stated that many people infected with the disease were being treated at various health facilities in the area.

He went on to say that four of the victims being treated were in critical condition.

He stated that they had received assistance from WHO, UNICEF, and state government officials.

The cholera outbreak, which began on Thursday, affected ten villages in the Ekureku clan, he said.





Mr Onor, the PDP governorship candidate, said he felt the people’s pain but urged them to remain hopeful.

He stated that if elected, he would ensure that the people of the state have safe drinking water.
He gave cash as a consolation prize to each of the Ekureku community’s ten affected villages.




Meanwhile, Janet Ekpeyong, the Director-General of the state Primary Healthcare Development Agency, stated on Sunday that the state government is on top of the situation.





She stated that the government had used both human and material resources to stop the spread of the disease.

“The state Government has deployed a response team together with representatives from the World Health Organisation, the Nigerian Red Cross and Wash Programme.






“The combined team have all intervened accordingly and helped to save lives and prevent further spread of the disease,” she stated.







A case of the disease has also been reported in a remote village in the state’s Odukpani Local Government Area.

Iwara Iwara, Permanent Secretary in the state Ministry of Health, confirmed this to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday.







Mr Iwara stated that the outbreak was reported on Sunday night and that the government had sent men and materials to the area.






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Currency hawkers selling scarce new naira notes at party venues.



Despite complaints that several bank branches had run out of the small quantities of the newly redesigned naira notes allocated to them by their head offices as early as 12 noon on Thursday, large wads of the new notes have saturated party venues, with hawkers charging N200 on N1,000.





On Thursday and Friday, journalists who visited banking halls in several cities across the country, particularly Lagos and Abuja, confirmed that there was a limited supply of the redesigned notes, as bank tellers mixed a few notes with the old ones for over-the-counter withdrawals, while automated teller machines continued to dispense old bank notes.






Further investigation revealed that several bank branches had yet to receive their new note allocations, with many bank officials informing our correspondents that the new notes were still on their way.

On the other hand, at a party in Ibadan, Oyo State, on Saturday, a woman was seen freely hawking newly redesigned wads of N200 bank notes.







However, officials at some of the bank branches that still had the new notes told reporters that each cashier was given N100,000 of the new N1,000 for onward disbursement to customers seeking over-the-counter payments, and that they do not yet have the N500 and N200 denominations.








Customers were also seen depositing old bills over the counter, while cashiers at bank branches were handing out more old naira notes.

Central Bank of Nigeria had earlier clarified on its website under currency management, that it is against the law to sell currency banknotes.








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6 people dead, 25 injured in a ghastly road accident in Kogi state.



The Kogi Command of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) confirmed that six people were killed and 25 others were injured in an accident on the Okene-Ogori road on Saturday.

Mr Stephen Dawulung, Sector Commander in Lokoja yesterday, revealed that the lone accident involved an articulated vehicle carrying 45 people and cows.






According to the sector commander, the accident occurred around noon and killed some of the cows.

The victims of the accident were taken to Ageva General Hospital in Okene, Ajunko Clinic and Maternity in Ibilo, and Ogbagidi General Hospital in Okene, according to Dawulung.






He said: “When the accident, which involved an IVECO trailer conveying cows and 45 persons down South, occurred by a graveyard just a few kilometres to Ogori Magongo along Okene-Ogori road, Kogi, our officers and men were timely in response to it.”

“Our officers in conjunction with the Police and military personnel came to the rescue and rushed the injured to four different medical centres for medical treatment. The corpses of the dead have also been deposited at the morgue of the Ageva General Hospital, Okene.”







The accident, according to Dawulung, was caused by speed, which was uncontrollable at “a sharp bend.”

The sector commander, who described the incident as “sad and unfortunate,” stated that the command would continue to carry out speed, overloading, and mixed loading enforcement and education programs.











The sector commander, who described the incident as “sad and unfortunate,” stated that the command would continue to carry out speed, overloading, and mixed loading enforcement and education programs.

He defined mixed loading as the loading of goods and passengers in trucks and other vehicles designed solely to transport goods.

He advised motorists to maintain strict adherence to road traffic regulations at all times in order to avoid such calamitous incidents.










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