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Woman gets caught for stealing an expensive Rolex watch and hiding it in her private part



A woman from Las Vegas was arrested after stealing an expensive watch and concealing it in her genitals.







The victim of the incident, who called the cops, stated that he was cuddling 33-year-old Sarah Richards, and she insisted on him taking his Rolex off while they lay together.


He told cops that he hid the watch under his pillow and kept drinking wine at Richards’ request. When he noticed the watch was missing, she “panicked” and left.







He, on the other hand, followed her all the way down to the lobby, where he called security before the cops arrived.


Police initially couldn’t find the Rolex, but it was eventually discovered in her genitals. She is now facing grand larceny charges.








On Monday, December 12, Richards had a preliminary hearing in another case in which she is accused of residential theft and burglary for allegedly taking someone’s watch.


The person in that case apparently told police he thought he was drugged at a hotel.










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World news

Russian President Vladimir Putin sends chilling threat, says ‘Satan 2″ missile is ready for launch.



Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that a new “Satan II” hypersonic missile will be ready for deployment in the near future.


Putin, who has promised to provide his Russian troops with whatever they require to win the war in Ukraine, has revealed little in terms of strategy as his invasion of the neighbouring country continues.


The hypersonic Sarmat missile, codenamed Satan II, is expected to be added to the Kremlin’s arsenal in the coming year.





Each Satan II warhead is thought to be capable of carrying up to ten nuclear warheads at five times the speed of sound and with a range of 12,000 miles.


Putin insisted on providing troops with the latest weapons during a televised end-of-year meeting with Moscow’s military chiefs.






He also chastised NATO, claiming that western leaders were prolonging the conflict by providing military assistance to Ukraine.


While Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the country’s nuclear forces must be assured of combat readiness, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu revealed that the speed with which new weapons reach troops has improved.


Putin backed Shoigu’s suggestion to increase Russia’s military force to around 1.5million people, adding that the Russian military changes would be done “calmly” and “won’t be rushed”.



He said;


“What is happening is of course a tragedy, our common tragedy, but it is not a result of our policy, but third countries who have always striven for this, the disintegration of the Russian world… to a certain extent they succeeded, and pushed us to the line where we are now.”







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Priest exposed for inviting 2 nuns for “holy trinity” threesome



A priest has been accused of forming a “holy” trio with two nuns in order to imitate the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


Marko Ivan Rupnik, 68, is believed to have invited two nuns to join him in the act and allegedly used “psycho-spiritual” methods of control to coerce his victims into having sex with him and watching porn.


At the time of the alleged incidents, Rupnik was the spiritual director of a Slovenian convent.


The former nun who accused him, now 58, said she complained about the violations at the time but was ignored for years.






“Father Marko started slowly and sweetly getting inside my psychological and spiritual world, exploiting my uncertainties and fragility and using my relationship with God to push me into sexual experiences with him,” the former nun told the Italian investigative newspaper Domani on Sunday.


“It was a true violation of conscience,” she added.


From 1987 to 1994, when she was a sister at the convent, Rupnik groomed her and took her virginity before using bullying tactics to keep her silent.







She asserted Rupnik requested that she and another nun have sex with him in order to recreate the three-way relationship between God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.


She does not believe she is alone in experiencing clergyman abuse. She believes he abused up to 20 women.


“He should’ve been stopped 30 years ago,” said the nun.


The Jesuit order has called for other victims to come forward in response to the unnamed nun’s claims, saying, “You will be listened to with understanding and empathy.”






This latest accusation is just the most recent in a long line of allegations levelled against Rupnik.


Rupnik, a well-known artist in the Church, was accused of sexual misconduct in Slovenia in the 1990s, but the allegations were only recently made public.


In response to the allegations, the priest’s order stated that the Vatican investigated Rupnik but determined that the statute of limitations applied, which meant that too much time had passed from the alleged offence date for legal proceedings to begin, and that Rupnik would not be punished.






Days after the investigation, in May 2020, Rupnik was reportedly excommunicated – that is, he was barred from participating in Church services – for committing a serious sin in the Church: using a confessional to absolve a woman with whom he had sexual relations.


After Rupnik repented, the excommunication was lifted a month later.






Reverend Johan Verschueren, Rupnik’s boss, issued an appeal for additional information or claims against Rupnik on Sunday, December 18, 2022, saying he wanted to clarify some questions raised by the new allegations.


“My main concern in all of this is for those who have suffered, and I invite anyone who wishes to file a new complaint or discuss existing complaints to contact me,” he said.










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Portuguese star striker Gonçalo Ramos records himself in a viral video masturbating in his hotel room.



Gonçalo Ramos, who replaced Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal’s Round of 16 World Cup match against Switzerland, has gone viral after a video of him masturbating in his hotel room leaked online.






The video of the footballer enjoying himself is currently one of the most popular topics on the internet. It was first shared on Reddit before going viral on Twitter.








Gonçalo Ramos made a name for himself at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, when he was substituted for Cristiano Ronaldo in their Round of 16 match against Switzerland. The Benfica striker went on to score a hattrick in the game, but couldn’t repeat his performance from their 1 – 0 loss to Morocco in the quarter-finals.










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